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Dresden is coming

Evil Hat Proiductions has finally put the Dresden Files RPG on a final timetable, and more importantly has put it into preorder (go to There are two books that look fabulous. With the preorder (which is not cheap, just under $100) you get an immediate download of the nearly finished PDFs of the books. I have just scratched the surface of them, but they look amazing!

Evil Hat is a boutique RPG design company and each game is both a labor of love and the result of often years of playtest, drafting, revising and editing. Their art design is amazing (thus the "looks amazing" comment above).

The heart of the game is going to be the FATE system, first seen in Spirit of the Century, but refined to work for Jim Butcher's Dresden Files universe. This game has been in the works for a long time, but my money is on it being worth the wait and the cost.

And the books are huge, three and four hundred pages long.

So, I look forward to my books arriving after Origins, but right now, I will be loving the preview of having nearly done PDFs to look over.

Check it out.
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