jonlaw (jonlaw) wrote,

Worst blog ever!

So, for months, I have been trying to sit down and write out some ideas and sort through some issues.

Utter failure.

And that's not happening now either. But I figured I ought to say something.

Life has been busier than ever recently between work and home with no refuge. Far too often I feel like a drained drone, capable of slack jawed TV/video watching on the rare occasion that time remains at all before falling into slumber. It could be much worse, no doubt,but it's not really my preferred mode of being.

I have come to realize that despite all other distractions, I have met the enemy and he is me as far as my desire to write in a creative or RPG vein. It is not happening because I am not doing it. They say admitting you have a problem is half the battle. Unfortunately the other half is kicking my ass.

Photography has worked out well enough for me so far and I am still loving my new camera. New photos will be up soon. However, I habe found once aga the creative limit on the camera and again it is me.

I have a lot of balance to still work out for my life and I guess this blog will both suffer dor it and be subject to it.

I was a while ago most fortunate to be made LJ friends with two giants of creativity, Jess Nevins and Chad Underkoffler. Both are funny, brilliant and very gifted writers and thinkers with way better blows than me. So I am glad to be counted as a loyal reader for them (though since the blocked LJ at work I have been more sporadic). They are terrific anyone who reads this should check their stuff out.

Well, that's all the self indulgence for the moment. Stay safe out there.
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