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Whiteout is here; good news bad news

So, the big day for my old friend is here. He has walked the "white carpet" at the premiere, and the movie hits theaters is wide release.

Also, the movie has received praise for getting the science right.

The bad news is that it would appear that the critics really hate the movie. I won't catalog the various disdainful, unpleasant, and just plain mean things they have said, but, I have to acknowledge that coast to coast, the reviews have been far from complementary.

In general, Hollywood won't care about that. Transformers 2 got bad reviews and made a bundle. As long as Whiteout performs good box office, it will be counted a success. The problem is that it is a much less know quantity than giant robots that turn into cars and planes, so, the question now is whether it will find its audience?

I hope so. I don't want it to be a bad movie or a finincial failure, and I will be going to see it (and I'll buy the DVD too; after all, Greg will be in the "extras").

In the meantime, it is worth knowing what the journey was for the story and the author from comic book concept to finished film and there is a great set of interviews with Greg and the very talented artist who co-created the comic book, Steve Lieber, here. Whether you see the movie (which I still think you should), or pick up the comic (which you definitely should), or just have an interest in the creative process, you should definitely check out the interview. It is a good read.
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