March 10th, 2010

Spooky me

Whiteout Redux

So, after failing to get to the theater to see Whiteout back in September, I finally purchased the film made from my friend's first comic book work to see it. It is not a bad movie. It is also not a great movie. It is pretty much a middling hollywood action flick that is only remotely tied to its source material.

On the scale of bad and good, it was nowhere near as bad as lots of movies last year. It also was nowhere near as good as the original comic book series. It had some charms. Tom Skerrit brings some class to the movie. It feels cold all the time, so they approximated the antarctic atmosphere pretty well. As far as the DVD, it is pretty light on features: no commentary, a few deleted scenes, and the making of shorts, including the one with Greg, are reserved for the Blu-ray release. Since I'll probably be adopting Blu-ray just as it is replaced by Red or Green-ray or whatever comes up next, no joy for me.

So, I do wish I had got out to the theater to see this one to see what an audience would do with it. It is unfortunate that fidelity to the source material was only lip service. The original was much, much stronger.

But hey, its Hollywood . . .